Classic Car Transport

We know shipping a classic car is a delicate task. No matter how well kept a classic car is, it's no "spring chicken". Improper care during transport can easily result in damage. The safest way to transport a classic car is in an enclosed trailer.The trailers are completely covered on all sides and on top, giving your car full protection from weather, from bugs and from road debris damage. Your car is secured in the trailer by using soft straps on the wheels, we never secure by utilizing any part of the axles or chassis. Many classis car have low ground clearance and our trailer ramps have been specially designed to accommodate low-ground-clearance vehicles.
If your vehicle has any loose parts or a well kept vintage paint job you undoubtedly want an enclosed transport. This added layer of protection is well worth it.
The other option would be an open transport. Often time's classic car enthusiasts will invest in a "Fixer Upper" and are simply shipping the car to a body shop (or their own garage) for repairs. For restoration projects like that an open transport would be the more cost effective option.


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