How to ship heavy equipment

When you have the knowledge to get something done, it no longer becomes a problem or a huge task. To ship heavy equipment, you need to know the basic requirement. The most important requirement is to get the best person for the job. Partnering with the right company will take the load of your shoulders.

Generally speaking, the following vehicles are what we describe as heavy equipment:

  • Excavators
  • Backhoe
  • Bulldozers
  • Graders
  • Dump Trucks
  • Loaders
  • Rock Trucks
  • Compactors, etc.

Shipping options

There  are different options for transporting heavy equipment, depending on the type of equipment. In shipping  you have to choose the right medium for your equipment.


Flatbed is the standard method for shipping most heavy equipment. It is the more common and most widely used method. They come in various sizes and can carry load up to a maximum of about 48000lbs.

Step-deck/ double trailers

These trailers are usually used for very heavy equipment, oversized equipment, or non-moving equipment. They are also referred to as special trailers.

Tow Trucks

Usually, tow trucks are used to move heavy equipment for short distances. There are variety of tow trucks available to fit different types of equipment.

Necessary documents

In the process of shipping your equipment, you might need to obtain some licenses and permits. Your chosen shipping company should be able to provide these. Some documents you might need include:

  • A special permit: If you need to ship your equipment using a special trailer, it is necessary to get a special permit.
  • If your equipment meets the oversized load criteria, you will need to obtain proper licensing from the department of transportation.
  • If you are shipping across multiple states, you need to get special permits and ensure that you obey the state laws.

All in all, consult your transport provider or shipping company to know what may be required.

How much does it cost to ship heavy equipment?

The cost of shipping a heavy equipment depends on various factors. First, I must warn you that the cheapest price is not always the best option. It is advisable to look beyond the price in choosing your shipping company. Quality over quantity. Some factors that taken into consideration when generating a quote include:

  • The size and weight of the equipment. The bigger and heavier the equipment, the higher the quote.
  • The distance of travel. Short distances cost less than long distances. Even though short distances cost more per mile, the overall cost will still be lower compared to longer distances.
  • Over-sized loads will incur extra cost because of the need for special trailers and permits.
  • How quickly you want the load delivered will also affect the price. If you need it delivered urgently, it will cost a little bit more.

How to choose the right shipping company

In choosing a shipping company as I stated earlier, don

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