How to tell an Auto Transport company from a Lead generator

There are times when you intend to ship your vehicle and you go online and request for a quote from a car shipping company. Then you sit back waiting to receive the quote. Instead of getting the one quote you requested for, you get a myriad of quotations and calls from different companies. How did that happen? Well, turns out you actually requested a quote from a lead generator and not an auto transport company. 

These lead generators are neither auto transport brokers nor carriers. They are simply in the business of generating leads. These leads are then sold to some auto transport companies. They sell your details to a number of auto transport brokers. These companies in turn now compete to get you to ship your vehicle with them.This is quite unpleasant and exhausting. Because you get overwhelmed with a lot of information. And you do not know which company to go with, as there are so many companies calling for your attention.

But how can you tell an auto transport company from a lead generator, in order to prevent this experience in the future?

Auto transport companies vs. lead generators

You don’t have to deal with lead generators if you don’t want to. You can deal directly with an auto transport company. These few pointers will help you differentiate between them.

  • Auto transport companies will have all their services listed on their website, information about the company as well as contact details. You can navigate through the site to find out their car shipping offers, etc. If you cannot navigate the website, or you can only get a quote from the site, then you could be dealing with a lead generator.
  • You can always contact an auto transport company, through phone calls. Ask questions and find out more details about shipping, even when you are not ready to get a quote. For some companies, there is usually a Live chat on their website, where you can chat directly with the company’s agent.
  • Most auto companies have social media presence like facebook, linkedin,twitter, etc. You also find that most genuine auto transport companies are BBB-accredited. Lead generators often do not have social media presence.

So the bottom-line is lead generators are only focused on giving you a quote, just so they can have your details. While, genuine auto transport companies are more interested in giving you the kind of service you require. So they present you with as much information as you may need. You might also be wondering ‘how do I get the right auto transport companies out of the many?’ This post attempts to answer that question.

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