Shipping an inoperable car

When it comes to shipping cars we have to deal with either shipping an inoperable or operable car or any vehicle for that matter. The process involved in shipping an inoperable car varies slightly from that of an operable one. This is why it is important to let your company know the condition of the car you are shipping. 

An inoperable car, also called a non-running car is one that cannot be driven effectively. If it cannot be driven into the truck that ought to transport it, but requires some assistance to be loaded into the truck, then it is termed inoperable or non-running. 

Some car shipping companies do not deal with inoperable vehicles. So you need to find a company that transports inoperable vehicles. Our company, Fortecho LLC, transports both operable and inoperable vehicles. But when requesting a quote or booking an order, you will have to indicate that your car is non-running. This would determine the type of truck that would be dispatched to carry the car. Trucks like that have special equipment attached to them, such as a winch, for that very purpose.

Shipping an inoperable car, costs a little bit more than shipping a running car. It may incur an extra cost of $100. This is not a standard price, it could be less depending on other factors. This is because of the extra effort and time that has to be put into loading and unloading the vehicle. 

Factors that affect the cost of shipping

Some factors that affect the cost of shipping include:

  • The distance of travel.
  • The type/size of vehicle (sedan, SUV, pickup, etc.) 
  • The type of carrier, whether enclosed or open carrier

So shipping an inoperable car is not much of a big deal as long as you inform the shipping company you intend to go with. Also if you are getting an automated quote from a car shipping company‚Äôs website, there is usually an option of choosing whether your car is running or non-running.  

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