Why Brokers are indispensable in the transportation industry

For a long time there has been a cloud of uncertainty surrounding brokers and how necessary they are in the transportation industry. Some set of people believe brokers are essentials, while others believe they are not. 

A broker is the middleman (intermediary) between the carrier and the shipper. They connect the person who needs their load shipped to a carrier who can provide the service. We have both auto transport brokers who deal with car shipping and freight brokers that deal with freight shipping. 

Many at times a particular brokering company could be involved in both auto transport and freight transport. Our company, Fortecho LLC is one of such companies. We are licensed brokers in the transportation industry.

The business of brokering in transportation has been around since the 20th century, so it isn’t new to the industry. 

Brokers have connections at both ends and help to lessen the workload of both the shipper and the carriers. As a shipper getting the right carrier to transport your load from a sea of carriers, all on different routes is quite a task. But when you go through a broker, they connect you to the right carrier operating on your route and available on your specified date. 

For a carrier, finding shippers who need to transport their load, as well as scheduling pick up and delivery and also putting together the necessary paperwork is time-consuming. When you go through a broker you skip these processes, all you need to do is focus on pickup and delivery of the shipment.

Aside from the ease of working with a broker, here are some other reasons why brokers are your best bet:

  1. Brokers help to keep the prices fair. Because they are connected to a wide network of carriers, they have a lot of options to choose from. 
  2. They prevent excessive price increments by the carrier.
  3. Brokers keep in contact with the carrier throughout the transportation process.
  4. They keep informing the customer of where their vehicle is and when it would be arriving.

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