You want to move from Washington to California, or from one state to another within the US, but you don’t want to be bothered with driving the distance, you would rather take a flight! Or you just got a car from the dealership or an auction and you need it delivered to your location! Or you got a surprise car gift for your loved one and you need it delivered to wherever their location maybe! But how do you get it to your desired destination without driving it yourself? This is a situation where you would need to employ auto transport services.

Auto Transportation is a service that people employ in moving their vehicles from one location to another using a truck designed to transport vehicles. This service is delivered by auto transport companies. Our company, Fortecho LLC is one of such companies, we offer delivery to your doorstep (door-to-door) or to whatever location you may desire. Auto transportation can also be referred to as car shipping or vehicle shipping.

What are the processes involved in shipping your car?

First you have to get the right auto transport company. We have listed the basic points that will guide you in picking the right company in this post. Once you have the right company, you sign an agreement with them to ship your car. Here at Fortecho LLC, this step includes placing your order, after which you will receive an order confirmation letting you know that your order has been placed waiting for the next available truck or the date you have specified for pick up.

Next, the truck is dispatched to the pickup location to get your vehicle. You will be notified a day before the truck comes to pick it up, you will receive a dispatch notice, so you can be prepared to handover the car to the driver. Once your car is picked up, all you have to do is wait for your car to be delivered. 

The last and final stage is the delivery of your to the destination you specified, also, at this point, someone has to be available to receive the car.

Payment for the service could be on pickup or delivery, depending on your agreement with the company. At Fortecho LLC, we offer payment on delivery; we accept money order and credit card payment. No upfront charges. We also offer financing option from 14 to 30 days at 0%.

Ready to ship your car? Get a quote. If you want to speak directly to us call +1 219 300 1666 or have a live chat with one of our representatives.

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