Snowbird Car Transport

A Snowbird is a bird that is as white as snow, lives in snow and feeds on snow. Just kidding, lol.

A Snowbird is actually a person and not a bird. It is used to refer to people who migrate from cold regions in the Northern states to warmer climates in the Southern states during the winter season. This is usually between the months of November to January and April to May.

The most common route is to and fro Florida. Other routes are to and fro Arizona, Carlifornia, Texas, Hawaii,etc. 

During the snowbird season, people move in the thousands to Florida from places like Canada, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,etc. At this point a lot of people will be requiring car transport services; though some folks prefer to drive themselves but seasoned travelers always opt in  for car transportation service. They have come to understand that transporting their cars saves them money, time and effort and takes away the risks of driving over snow and ice.

This season is usually a very busy season for car transporters, because of the large number of persons moving their vehicles. This is why it is advisable that you book at least one month ahead to avoid being disappointed. Also because of the shortage of carriers, compared to the cars, the higher-paying shipper has a greater advantage. The more favorable your price, the faster your car gets shipped. This is not a period where you sort for best prices, because you might get a cheap quote but no carrier will be willing to pick up your car at that price, because of the high demand. What you should rather focus on is getting a carrier as quickly as possible.

Also the cost of shipping your vehicle to/from the island, that is over the ocean, is much more compared to shipping within the mainland.

At Fortecho LLC, we offer a discount for customers who come back to ship with us on their return to their primary homes.

Ready to ship your vehicle? Get a free quote. If you have any questions you can call +1 2193001666 or have a Live chat with one of our representatives.

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