Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Ship Your car

Imagine driving from Louisiana to Indianapolis, a journey of over 800 miles and over 12 hours. What a distance!

But let’s assume the distance is not such a problem to you. Imagine you encounter an unforeseen incident, your vehicle breaks down and you spend 2hrs fixing it, this means an additional 2hrs to your travel time, not counting the additional expenses and stress.

Now why would anyone want to go through such an ordeal. You may say to save cost. But that’s because you haven’t taken into account the time spent, extra unforeseen expenses, like in the scenario above, the stress involved, the risk of your car getting damaged over such a long distance. I could go on and on, but you get the point. 

This is where car shipping (auto shipping) comes in. Shipping your car saves you all the trouble and risks involved in driving the car yourself.

Let me briefly elaborate on some of the reasons why shipping your vehicle is the best option to take.

It preserves the condition and value of your car

Cars are extremely valuable commodities. Driving such a valuable commodity over long distances under harsh weather conditions will result in wear and tear. And the more mileage a vehicle attains, the more your vehicle ages, thus reducing the value and total appearance of the vehicle.

Shipping  preserves the condition and value of your vehicle.

At Fortecho LLC, we provide both open and enclosed shipping options depending on your preference. If you are shipping a classic, enclosed option is advised.

You save more money

The idea that you save money when you drive yourself is quite untrue, because many at times, you only take account of the cost of gas and neglect other factors like time spent, the risk, the stress, damage to the vehicle and other unforeseen incidents that may cost money.

Shipping companies are built to handle these circumstances that would be overwhelming to a regular individual, at an affordable, one-time fee and for some companies, like ours, Fortecho LLC, you only get to pay on delivery.

You skip the stress and worries

shipping your car

Driving your car over miles and for several hours is not a decision you just make on a whim. You have to make plans and preparations, to ensure everything is in order. This of course is quite a task, aside from the stress you will get from driving many miles.

With a shipping company, you get to skip the stress and worries. Your vehicle will be picked up from whatever location you want to your desired destination.

At Fortecho LLC, we offer door-to-door delivery and terminal-to-terminal delivery based on your preference.

You save your time

12 hours is a whole lot of time; valuable hours that you could spend with friends and family, or on other more important tasks is spent on the road when you have a better option. 

Shipping your vehicle will save you a lot of time, you won’t have to reschedule your activities or take out time from work or family.

Also, if for some reason you need your vehicle shipped quickly, within a strict time frame, you can opt in for Expedited car shipping. It would cost you more, but at the end of the day you would meet up with the time schedule. That’s the whole essence.

At Fortecho LLC, we offer Expedited car shipping as one of our services, we always aim to meet our customers at every point of their need.

You are free from risks

If you are driving yourself and due to some unforeseen circumstances you get into an accident and your vehicle gets damaged, you will have to bear the cost of the damage. Let’s not also forget the risk of getting injured in the process. 

Shipping your car puts on the safer side. The risk will be on the shipping company, if the car gets damaged, they bear the cost.

This is not an exhaustive list, but with these reasons, you can see why your best bet is to go with a shipping company, right?

At this point, you might be wondering how to go about shipping your vehicle. In our previous post, we gave an overview of the basic knowledge you need to have that would guide you in shipping your vehicle.

At Fortecho LLC, we make the journey a smooth one, you can place a call directly to us at +1 219 300 1666, or have a Live chat with one of our representatives. Even if you are not ready to ship yet, you can get an estimated quote of the cost of shipping or just contact us for inquiries.

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